Many technicians have different opinions about the vibration of bearings. Therefore, it is difficult to say that there is a comparison of the correct statement, today we will share with you about the cause of bearing vibration. Individually, the rolling bearing in the bearing itself does not produce a musical sound. What is commonly perceived as “bearing music” is in fact the acoustic effect of the vibration of the bearing, either indirectly or indirectly, with the surrounding structure. This is why many time-division musical problems can be considered as vibration problems that touch upon the use of all bearings. Excitation due to a change in the number of rolling elements to be loaded. When a radial load is applied to a bearing, the number of rollers to which the load is applied changes slightly during operation: 2-3-2-3: . . This causes a deviation in the direction of the load The resulting vibration is not preventable, but can be weighted by axial preloading on all rollers (cylindrical roller bearings not practical in bearings) . The waviness of a component in the case of a close fit between a bearing ring and a housing or drive shaft, the bearing ring is capable of deforming in accordance with the shape of adjacent components. If there is an emergence of deformation, vibration can occur in operation. Thus, machining the housing and drive shaft to the required tolerances is essential.

Post time: Aug-27-2021