During the Superfinishing of bearings, only a few bearing rings break, but many bearing rings crack, and more bearing rings crack in succession during placement. What’s going on? Based on the understanding of bearing ring processing knowledge, Xiaobian will share the analysis and cause introduction of fracture failure of lower bearing ring during processing.

Bearing is a fixed part of machinery and the main body of machinery. Its function is basically to maintain the central position of the shaft and control the movement. Bearing plays an important role in any machine. Without bearing, the machine can’t run. Many users have reported that the bearing heating fault is the most common when using the bearing, which will also affect the service life and performance of the bearing. So, how did this fault form? Here are some knowledge summarized for you. Some knowledge of bearing heating fault caused by bearing consultation

1. The oil level is too low and the lubricant is lost from the oil seal;

2. The contact (friction) oil seal is too dry or the spring is too tight.

3. The hole in the bearing box is not round; Distortion of bearing housing; The bearing surface is not flat; The inner diameter of the box hole is too small;

4. The grease in the bearing box is completely filled or the oil level is too high. This will cause excessive mixing of lubrication, high temperature or oil leakage;

Post time: Aug-09-2021