Performance Requirements For Motor Bearing Grease

Motor bearing grease is a kind of semi synthetic oil lithium base grease prepared by special process, and added with the latest patent additives. It is specially used for lubrication of various small and medium-sized sealed bearings, which can reduce the vibration value of bearings, and has the advantages of good water resistance, rust resistance, oxidation resistance and high-definition cleanliness. Application: 1. Suitable for lubrication of various motor bearings under medium load condition 2. Especially suitable for full life lubrication of medium and small sealed bearings, providing low vibration noise and good rust prevention performance 3. It can also be used as grease for automobile maintenance industry and hardware industry, providing excellent lubrication and rust prevention performance.

(1) Good adaptability, high and low temperature performance, common in indoor and outdoor, north and south.

(2) Lubricity and abrasion resistance are good, no oil, no drying, no emulsification, no loss, and the grease itself should not contain solids.

(3) The anti-oxidation performance is good. After long-term use, the appearance color and acidity of the grease change little, and there is no obvious oxidation phenomenon.

(4) The fluidity is good. Generally, the temperature is between -25 °C and 120 °C. The starting torque is small, the running torque is low, the power consumption is low, and the temperature rise is low.

(5) It has strong anti-rust property, anti-salt spray ability and good water resistance, and can be used in harsh working environments.

(6) The insulation grade is A, E and B grades, and shall not contain sulfur or chlorine extreme pressure additives.

(7) Long service life, which can extend the maintenance period and reduce bearing consumption.

(8) Appropriate consistency, good damping effect, can reduce the noise of motor bearings, and is conducive to environmental protection.

Post time: Jan-15-2021