Precision cold rolling technology is a kind of cold working forming method to obtain the finished products by extrusion and plastic deformation of the annular rotary parts at room temperature. Precision cold rolling can make the size and shape of the workpiece close to the theoretical value of the finished product to the maximum extent. Its advantages are as follows:

1. It can significantly improve the material utilization and processing efficiency. Compared with the traditional turning method, the material saving rate of precision cold rolling can be increased by more than 10% ~ 15%, so as to realize the cutting of bearing ring and reduce the processing cost.

2. It can improve the quality of finished products. Due to the use of rolling method, the metal streamline inside the part is continuous and complete, the metal grain is more uniform and small, and the structure is more compact, so the strength of the part is improved. At the same time, due to the existence of residual surface stress, the deformation of the parts after heat treatment is small.

3. It can save energy and improve the working environment. Compared with the forging die, the equipment tonnage required for precision rolling is smaller, which can significantly reduce the processing noise and save energy. Compared with turning blank, the noise and dust are less.

When the workpiece is rolled, the rolling wheel drives the workpiece to rotate, and the core roller extrudes the workpiece under the push of the supporting wheel which is fixedly connected with the feeding device, so as to realize the rolling of the workpiece.

Post time: Jun-24-2021