What's wrong with bearings? How to solve it?

In the mine production use of the crusher, there is often a hammer bearing hold, that what is the hammer bearing hold?

The so-called bearing lock, is the bearing in the process of running a large amount of heat, heat in a short time can not be dispersed.Cause the bearing temperature to rise sharply, eventually the bearing will be locked.This phenomenon is common in equipment overhaul and production service sites,

The specific causes of bearing locking are as follows:

Improper assembly of |

01| improper fitting of the outer ring of the bearing with the bearing seat hole or the inner ring of the bearing with the shaft during assembly.

In the process of assembly, sometimes the inner hole was not polished and its size was measured. The bearing was replaced for assembly, and the temperature rise was found to be too high after the test run.During the dismantling test, it was found that the bearing seat hole had been deformed, which caused the outer ring of the bearing to be squeezed, resulting in smaller radial clearance of the bearing, uneven rotation of the rolling body, and increased wear.If the clearance between the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft is too large, the inner ring of the bearing will rotate with the rolling body and the shaft, and friction will cause the bearing to heat up and vibrate.2) improper control of bearing heating temperature during assembly.If the temperature of the bearing heater is too high during the heating operation, it will cause tempering and decrease the hardness and accuracy, so that the bearing temperature will increase, leading to more wear and damage of the bearing.3) improper adjustment of bearing clearance during assembly.In practical work, many installations are sometimes adjusted by hand only, and the clearance is too large or too small to meet the production needs.If the axial clearance is too small, it will easily cause bearing heating, accelerate pitting corrosion, and even cause rolling body stuck or glued damage;If the axial clearance is too large, the impact force of the motion pair increases and the stiffness decreases, abnormal sound will be generated in operation, and even serious vibration or damage to the cage.

02 | oil seal problem

Oil seal is used to seal the rotating shaft in mechanical equipment with sealing components, and the cavity is basically static, so the oil seal is also known as the rotary shaft lip sealing ring.To the oil seal that takes pair of lip, its pair lip rises dustproof action, prevent impurity to invade, in order to prolong oil seal life, but pair of lip place often lubricate bad, friction force is bigger, cause oil to seal dry friction and damage, when installing double lip oil seal so, must fill grease between double lips.

03 | gap problem

In the assembly process, if you do not carefully check the size of the compartment, assembly test, after a certain period of time, the temperature will rise rapidly.The size of the outer ring of the bearing has been determined by the end cover and bearing seat check, the size of the spacer is reduced, the size of the inner ring will be adjusted by the circular nut, and finally compressed, the axial clearance of the bearing becomes smaller, making it hot during operation.

04 | lubrication problem

Bearing grease should not be too much, grease amount is too large, will increase the friction torque, bearing temperature rise;If the amount of fat is too low, the reliable lubrication cannot be obtained and dry friction occurs.Generally speaking, the proper amount of grease is 1/3 ~ 1/2 of the total void volume in the bearing. Therefore, proper amount of grease should be injected regularly according to the operation requirements

Post time: Jan-15-2021